Hiking Trails in Batalha

In the county of Batalha there are 4 hiking routes for everyone to discover the charms and corners of the region.

PR1 - Mata do [...]

Adventure Activities (€)

Following a protocol established between Quinta do Escuteiro and Núcleo de Espeleologia de Leiria (NEL), you can now include adventure activities [...]

Woodpeckers observation

The woodpeckers are part of the Piciformes order and of the Picidae family. You can find three species of woodpeckers in Portugal: the european [...]


Corpo Nacional de Escutas

Flor de Lis

Campos e Parques Escutistas
Junta Regional de Leiria-Fátima

Programa Educativo Região de Leiria-Fátima
Quinta do Escuteiro
Rua da Marialinha, 744 - Quinta do Sobrado
2440-192 Batalha
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